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Service requests


The Redmine issue tracking system is the preferred method for contacting the support team, it can be used for support and service requests, issue reporting, questions, etc. Active users of the supercomputer can log in using their HPC credentials.


Redmine ticket submission via email is currently unavailable and will hopefully be available soon™.

Here are some general guidelines when filing a ticket:

  • Use the search to see whether your issue has already been reported.
  • One issue per ticket, avoid reporting/requesting/asking multiple unrelated things in the same ticket.
  • Be precise and clear - explain it so others can understand and possibly reproduce the issue.
  • No issue is too trivial to report - small issues may hide bigger issues.
  • Clearly separate fact from speculation.
  • When reporting a problem, don't forget to specify the Job ID(s), name of the project you're working on, location of the files, error message(s), etc.


When it is not possible to use the issue tracking system, you may contact the support via email to < it @ cenaero . be >.


Avoid directed emails, sending an email specifically to a member of the support team when you know their email address lowers the chance to see the request handled/followed up properly.